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We are a community of therapists working together to provide you with exceptional support, compassion, and guidance.

What makes us different?

We specialize in sex therapy and couples counselling, therefore all of our therapists have undergone extensive training with the Westland Academy of Clinical Sex Therapy, and are Certified Clinical Sexologist's with the American Board of Sexology (ABS). We have therapists that specialize in all different facets of sexual health and wellness, with areas of focus ranging from low libido, painful intercourse, LGBTQIA2S+ concerns, erectile dysfunction, premature and delayed ejaculation, BDSM/Kink concerns, to Polyamory (ENM) or non-conforming relationship dynamics. Our therapists also work with common concerns ranging from anxiety and depression to trauma and attachment-related dynamics. 

Aside from our focus on sex therapy and couples counselling, we also pivot from the norm by working to support each other, as we know that communities working together make us all stronger and wiser. We, therefore, actively work together through regular supervision, therapist consultations, and outsourced continuing education and training. This means we are working as hard as you are, to bring the most current research and care to every therapy session you attend, using all the tools and support we have available, to help you grow. 


Meet Our Community of Therapists


What We Offer

Each practitioner sets their own fees and hours. The length of time for each type of therapy session differs as well. Contact us for more information on how you can book the type of session that works for you.

Individual Counselling

Couples Counselling

Virtual Sessions


Contact Us

You can book a session with any of our associates through the contact form below

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Send us an email with some details of what you're seeking therapy for, or simply write us a message below and we'll contact you.

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